aquascaping: removal of unwanted aquatic plants and waste, replanting of beneficial lake and pond plants


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Aquascaping is an important part of keeping our waterways clean, healthy, enjoyable and beautiful!!

  1. Removal of unwanted "Aquatic plants" : which means any plant, including a floating, immersed, submersed, or ditch bank species, growing in, or closely associated with, an aquatic environment, and includes any part or seed of such plant. There are 2 methods of removing aquatic plants. See more about the types of aqauscaping services we can provide.

  2. Removal of all waste material hauled upland

  3. Installation of "Beneficial aquatic plants":  which mean indigenous aquatic plant species that provide fish and wildlife habitat, water quality protection, and shoreline stabilization. Homeowners of Florida lakefront property are required to replant a specific percentage of native plants after waterfront cleaning. Existing vegetation and lot size determine how many plants must be replenished.

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