aquatic plant management (pond & lake weed control / waste removal) for lake cleaning and replanting of aquatic plants


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Orlando Clearview Lake Clearing and Auquascaping specialists are expert waterfront property management providers!

We offer two effective methods of aquatic vegetation removal for clearing your central Florida lakefront property of unsightly brush and weeds:

Jet Pump which uses water pressure (along with mad skills) to extract the entire root system of an undesired species. This is the most effective method of eradicating the vegetation long-term.

Chemical Treatment  is more cost effective, but does not eradicate the root system.  For this process we use EPD approved aquatic chemicals and target only the undesired vegetation.  The chemical is applied to the foliage and in seven to ten days is drawn to the root causing the target area to expire.  It is then cut as low as possible and removed.

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